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'Tain't The Meat...It's The Humanity! And Other Stories (2013)

by Jack Davis(Favorite Author)
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1606995782 (ISBN13: 9781606995785)
Fantagraphics Books
review 1: EC Comics was for a short time a brilliant publisher of crime, SF and especially horror comics in the early 1950s. One of the things that made them so great was having some of the best artists working in the field at the time. This book collects several stories artistically rendered by Jack Davis, particularly from the Tales From the Crypt series.Mr. Davis had a great line in rotting corpses, feral rats and ugly-natured humans. This is a black and white reprint, which allows his use of strong blacks to be shown to advantage. (He went on to a long, successful career in other comics areas after horror comics were gutted by the Comics Code.)EC’s horror titles were notorious for their twist endings, and horrible puns. The title story is no exception, being about a World... more War Two-era butcher who gets tempted by the money of the black market. Other standouts include “The Trophy!” about a hunter who only kills animals for bragging rights (two versions, one done originally for a 3-D comic!), “Gas-tly Prospects!’ about a murdered prospector that won’t stay buried, and “Lower Berth” with (at the time) the most unexpected twist of all.There’s also some biographical material about Mr. Davis, whose life was thankfully nothing like the stories he illustrated.This is classic stuff, and highly recommended for teenagers and up. (Some scenes may be a little intense for preteens.)
review 2: This is classic EC comics by one of the most prolific comic artists ever. I usually just write these reviews for myself to keep track of what I have read. I hate it when someone reads a book and puts in a description of the book in their review. Do people think they are part of some book review club? A description of the book is already in the details. Anyway, I'll get off my rant rant to do some of the same... Jack Davis got into commercial illustration not long after this stuff was done in the 50s and continued until maybe the past 10 years. His commercial illustrations are everywhere. What a reader will see in this book shows Davis perfecting his style.The silly writing and predictable twists in Tales From the Crypt sometimes make it hard to stomach. At least for me. But the amazing art and great character design are nice to look at. The fact that this book is published in black and white is a help, not a hindrance to Davis' art. I'm not sure I can say the same for other reprint collections that Fantagraphics will be rolling out over the next couple of years. But the publisher knows what they are doing. This book is printed at just the right size to compliment the art and the book design and quality is top notch. less
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Could not put it down. Then again I learned most of my life lesson's from the old crypt keeper.
Not the Axe!Fantastic artwork. I was lead back to this through the Burns stuff.
These EC books are beautiful.
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