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The Truth About Wicca And Witchcraft Finding Your True Power (2011)

by James Aten(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
0615209459 (ISBN13: 9780615209456)
Aten Publishing
review 1: This is a great book for practical, useful exercises & techniques. It does not state that Wicca is "an ancient religion", but does rightfully point out that it's based on ancient beliefs. It has meditations, visualizations, basic techniques & tips for spells, psychic defense, herbal info, an introduction to the aura/energy bodies, chakras, astral travel, spirit guides, Wiccan holidays and an explanation of the Wiccan Rede, just to name a few things. The version I found on Kindle for 2.99..well worth the price!
review 2: This book contains information on Witchcraft, meditation, psychic development, psychic defense, auras/energy bodies (including how to strengthen your aura), Spirit Guides, Numerology, karma, spiritual development, chakras, building your personal
... more connection with the Divine, herbal remedies and tinctures. Actual PRACTICAL techniques and useful information. It is NOT a wikipedia article on the history of the religion, although it does contain one of the most well writen explanations of the Rede and the Wiccan belief system that I have ever read. The printing could have been just a little better, but the wealth of information is worth more than the price of the book. less
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This one is not only very clear and well written, it's the best on the subject I've read so far.
Very poorly researched, and full of misinformation, definitely not the "truth" about Wicca.
This book is outstanding...I love all the esoteric/occult info.
I would recommend this for anybody
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