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The Secret Tunnel (2008)

by James Lear(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
1573443298 (ISBN13: 9781573443296)
Cleis Press
Mitch Mitchell Mystery
review 1: Eyebrow raising, somewhat shocking, always funny and very, very dirty. Imagine Hercule Poirot meets slightly clever, completely incorrigible porn star, meets puppy. That is Mitch. This series is not profound, but boy is it memorable and what a palate cleanser. You'll never remember another book you ever read when you are in the midst of his sleuthing. Honestly, like all the other characters in the stories, I like Edward Mitchell. He is unabashedly himself and the world loves him for it. I appreciate the fresh voice, perspective and I have always enjoyed puppies.
review 2: Kind of odd to give a book four stars that I wouldn't recommend to everyone I knew, but The Secret Tunnel is intensely niche in its market, and knows that market well. And it definitel
... morey did its job admirably. Fantastical in how every man is gay and willing (if only life were that way and I had video cameras set up everywhere). Mitch is horny and amusing, and I was very glad that women don't get visible erections, because I found myself wanting to keep delving into the book, so I'd read it at school, work, on the bus, and other places where my enjoyment would have been 'inappropriate'. less
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Found the character hilarious in his efforts to be a detective while trying to keep his pants up.
Not quite as outrageous as first book but still a fun read. 3.5 stars.
325 page porno...but interesting:)
Unreadable, badly written porno
A soft porn read
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