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The Man From Primrose Lane (2012)

by James Renner(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 3
0374200955 (ISBN13: 9780374200954)
Sarah Crichton Books
review 1: Four-plus stars! Loved everything about this book: the writing, the characters, the plot. It started out one way and then BAM! it completely goes in another direction but then - no, WAIT! there's more! Loved every single twist and turn (figured out some, but not the others - and I was reading on high-alert the whole time looking for red flags and red herrings alike)! Had to reread the last 30 pages immediately just to make sure I understood everything that got thrown at you rapid-fire-style. If you blinked, you were lost. And yes, the story could (theoretically) end with all the teasers and unresolved issues BUT all I can say is there BETTER be a sequel :) ABFAB - highly recommend.
review 2: A fascinating genre-twisting read. David Neff is a successful true cr
... moreime author battling serious depression while trying to get on with his life after the suicide of his wife and make a home for his young son. Neff decides to take up a new writing project when he hears about the mysterious death of a reclusive old man in a nearby suburb - the eponymous Man from Primrose Lane. It seems the old man was living under an assumed name, had no friends or relatives, was always seen wearing a different set of woolen mittens, and was found dead with a gun shot wound and with his fingers cut off and then pureed in the blender. The investigation into the Man's identity and the mystery surrounding his life and death takes David on a strange and interesting journey. To say more would be to give away the game and the twists and turns are really what makes this novel so engrossing. Probably should get three and a half stars but I'm rounding up because of the sheer number of ideas that Renner crams into this book and the audacity of their presentation. Highly recommended especially to those that like their Weird fiction in the vein of Jonathan Carroll. less
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Abbandonato dopo la svolta fantascientifica. Ma anche no!
Great read with a "holy crap" twist!.
Fantastic book, really enjoyed it!
Totes fun
2.5 stars
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