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Girl On The Run (2011)

by Jane Costello(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
1847396267 (ISBN13: 9781847396266)
Simon and Schuster
review 1: All the usual chicklit plots were there - late twenties girl, chubby but good looking and hates her looks, insecurity regarding males and relationships, struggling financially (for a change , this one was moderately well off at least in the beginning), falls for wrong guy while right guy is right in front of her nose, realizes it at the end, and somehow ekes out a happy ending, not only for her, but for all her friends as well. It was funny and quick paced. Would recommend this as a light read, and to all chicklit fans.
review 2: I found this book a little hard to get into but once I'd met the protagonist, Abby, I was hooked. Abby is a funny, intelligent girl with a lot going for her. Every time I was interrupted reading this book, I spent the rest of the time
... more wondering what was going to happen :) I love the background information that is given of all the characters, it makes you really want the best outcomes for them. I would definitely recommended this book! less
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It was a fun quick read, though everything was a little too neat at the end.
this one made me smile so much I almost gave it 4 stars, no joke. who am I
Nice, but still... not like Kinsella.
Truly inspirational!
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