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The Fallen Queen (2011)

by Jane Kindred(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
193704453X (ISBN13: 9781937044534)
Entangled Publishing
The House of Arkhangel'sk
review 1: Cool world-building: Heaven itself with its Powers, Dominions, Virtues, 'angels' and 'demons' as well as a near-analogue of St. Petersburg, Russia. The story starts strong, with the fall of the House of Arkangel'sk. The sole remaining survivor, Anazakia, flees to Earth with the help of Belphagor and Vasily, fire and air spirits. A little too much time passes with Anazakia merely waiting on Belphagor's schemes, but things pick up again in the second half once the action returns to heaven and there is MUCH JEOPARDY.
review 2: I got this through the giveaways. I was excited at first to read it as it is usually my type of book. I read the first page when it first arrived and all interest was gone. Later on, I tried to read it again. I got about half way through the
... more book and it was still hard work to keep going. It does get better as you read on, but it was still not a book which I recommend and will not be reading the rest of the series. At least I tried. Thank you to Goodreads and Jane Kindred for this book but it is just not my cup of tea. less
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DNF - has some things that made it not my kind of book.
I won this book as a Goodreads First Read.
Good book, terrible cover.
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