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Estie The Mensch (2011)

by Jane Kohuth(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
0375867783 (ISBN13: 9780375867781)
Random House Books for Young Readers
review 1: Kohuth. J. (2011). Estie the mensch. New York: Random House. The main characters name is Estie. At the beginning of the story we learn that she does not like to interact with other people. She likes to act like animals. Her parents and her grandmother constantly remind her to "Zai a mensch". That meant "to be a well-behaved person". Every day her parents and grandmother remind her of that. Then one day her grandmother takes her to the zoo with grandma's friend and her grandson. She does not really know what to say to him but she acts like each different animal they visit and it makes him laugh. Then finally they get ice cream and the little boys falls on the floor. All of a sudden Estie reaches for a plastic spoon and gives him some of hers! The other grandma says t... morehat was nice of her and her grandma says "Yep shes a real mensch". I thought this story was cute. I liked that the little girl finally realized how to be a good person. I rate this story 5/5.
review 2: This book resonated with me due to having a child who at the age of four wanted to grow up to be a lion! Estie wants to be a turtle, a dog, an octopus - anything other than a mensch, well-behaved good person. She's desperately shy and finds so much more to like about the animal world. That is until she meets a young boy named Petie who isn't shy in the least and who finds Estie's animal antics very funny, all of which gives her the confidence to relate on a more human level. less
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Kids will be kids and Estie is just that!
Too many words for storytime!
Estie is a charming mensch.
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