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The Cape (2011)

by Jason Ciaramella(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
1613771967 (ISBN13: 9781613771969)
IDW Publishing
review 1: This was visually beautiful. But the fantastic artwork just couldn't really justify the violence. I loved the concept here, but there is a serious lack of meaningful/proportionate motivation to justify all the brutality. At one point the main character is confronted, "I'm sorry [mom] took your cape. Who the fuck cares?" Indeed. This dude is on a path of brutal mayhem because his mom took his cape twenty years ago? The cape he is now wearing? Who the fuck cares indeed.
review 2: Very nice art but a pathetically laced together story line. Maybe it's the position my life is in right now, but this guy destroying the lives of those who loved him in horrific ways (not to mention taking down many innocent people he didn't know along the way) because he found a cape th
... moreat dug up old memories and childhood transgressions, is just impossible to get behind from every direction. I wanted him to die as soon as possible. less
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It was pretty good. It was short. And a little rushed, but all over a good book.
The art was cool, but the story was just too dark for me.
AWESOME! A must read!
Dark, dark fun.
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