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The Battered Body (2009)

by J.B. Stanley(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
0738714720 (ISBN13: 9780738714721)
Midnight Ink
A Supper Club Mystery
review 1: Definitely read these books in order. I didn't, and at the time of this review, not all the books were available on Kindle yet. This one sets up a lot of things that will continue in the next one (Black Beans and Vice). I'm really hoping the lack of new titles and that the last two books are not available on Kindle is not a sign that the series is ending. Spending time in Quincy Gap is a true escape from the real world.
review 2: This is the fifth in the Supper Club mysteries. Five friends, who all want to lose weight, find themselves solving crimes along the way. Delightful character, James, the main protagonist, is a librarian. The setting is a small town in northern Virginia. Each book in the series have gotten better.I'd recommend the series beginni
... moreng with CARBS & CADAVERS. I think you'd like the "Flab Five" as they call themselves. less
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I so enjoyed this book. The story in this book was better then all the others in the series.
Very surprising twist in this one that you will NOT see comming. Can't wait for next one!
Another good visit with the supper club.Loved the surprise James got at the end.
A murder, a dieting supper club, a librarian.
Another great Supper Club book.
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