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by J.D. Hughes(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I started reading Northman in May and, due to unforseen tragic circumstances, I had to stop reading and restarted just over a couple of weeks ago. I loved the writing style (similar to Dan Brown). The book was gory in parts, good if you like blood and guts, cleverly written and also had hints of humour, which is always good for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to read more by this author.
review 2: I was drawn to this book by both the title and the fantastic cover, I am glad to say that the story lived up to my expectations. It was quite a difficult read for me; that's not to say that it is a difficult book but it is very detailed and paranormal stories are often not to my liking. However, in this case the author weaves the various timelines effortles
... moresly and the reader is taken from the merciless days of Viking conquest to the present day; both ages feel very authentic and real. Some episodes with the Vikings are horribly violent, the sheer brutality of those times hit me hard, contrasted as they were with the familiar ebb and flow of problems in the contemporary story. I often feel that,with paranormal stories, I kind of 'anything goes' attitude is adopted by authors who seem to think their readers should seek no explanation for the 'weird happenings' in their books. Not so here. The author manages to fully examine the psyche of characters both past and present and what unfolds as a result seems understandable if not justifiable. A very well written and expertly executed story that I thoroughly enjoyed! less
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Sorry. It didn't work for me. I found it boring when it gets too mystic. Very well written though.
Wonderful book. Thoughtful, philosophical and nicely scary, too.
Blood guts n gore and I've only read the first chapter..
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