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Charcoal (2012)

by J.E. Rowney(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
1477559302 (ISBN13: 9781477559307)
review 1: Jayne Rowney's "Charcoal” is a dramatic story about how one bad decision can affect one’s entire existence and those closest to them. The plot is easy to follow and easy to relate too. It is something that could and I am sure has, happened before. The imagery is a beautiful sight for the mind’s eye. While the characters are written as though, they could be someone from your life. The author brought drama and passion to the story with her flowing words. I enjoyed reading Jayne Rowney’s “Charcoal”. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys good writing and a good drama.
review 2: There is much about this story that doesn't fit into the mold of how a story is supposed to be written. It has a great deal of telling and some head-hopping. However, if I
... more wasn't a writer or an avid reader, I would never have noticed. It's really beautifully done. For the plot of this story is about ordinary people, living ordinary lives, and the consequences of their choices with each other. It's about falling flat on your face and somehow picking yourself back up again. The scene setting is masterfully described. I've never read a book with so little dialogue that made me feel more like I could see a place, could know what its characters were thinking. I find myself inspired to try harder with my own writing. The story does have some language and adult scenes in it, but they do not detract from the true powerful nature of the story. If you want a book to make you think, this is the book for you. A great read. less
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Formatting was so poor that this work was unreadable.
Amazon Freebie 12/1/2012
Great first novel!
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