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Small-Town Mom (2013)

by Jean C. Gordon(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 1
0373878273 (ISBN13: 9780373878277)
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review 1: Paradox LakeBook 3I believe Jamie Glasser was in the first two books. I know she was heavily used int he second book. She was a military wife who loved her husband who was away and was very active in her church and caring for her children. But in this book, her husband is dead. He died a month before he was supposed to return to his family. Just like that, Jamie lost her faith. She began telling her children that God wasn't real and that believing in him was stupid and a waste of time. She refused to go to church and didn't want her children to have any part of the nonsense either.When her son starts having trouble, she meets school guidance counselor, Eli Payton. Eli has his own ghosts - mainly a woman he dated in high school who hates him and accuses him of things... more that are untrue. He's also a retired airoforce man. Dating a military man is the last thing she wants to do. In fact, Jamie doesn't want to have anything to do with the military and she refuses to have her son have anything to do with it either...The story was okay, but Jamie's change in faith and treatment of her children just made me very uncomfortable. I understand that losing a spouse can be rough, but if she is this against faith, I question on if she ever had it to begin with. Was she just playing the part and then when something happens, she finds an excuse to say "Nope,we're not doing that anymore." Also, I think she was a bit hateful with her son at times with her "You won't have any part in this and that's final." mindset. The fact that she stayed a nice person and a great mother...well...something just didn't ring true to me in all this.I enjoyed the story as far as Jamie, Eli, and Charlie was concerned. I thought that was a great part of the story and probably saved this story from getting an even lower rating. I also enjoyed re-visiting characters from previous book. I'm wondering about the timing for Autumn. She is not a mid-wife after attending graduate school. There would have to be at least six years between the first book and the third book for that to be possible...
review 2: Jamie lost her husband to the military just days before he was to return home. Now she's against anything military or anything religious. The age old question of how can there be a God if all these horrible things happen. Now her son is getting in trouble at school and his guidance counselor is a retired Air Force man. Doesn't look good for any of them! With some help from her young daughters, soon Eli is entrenched in their lives. less
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"Gordon's story demonstrates the destructive nature of gossip." RT Book Reviews
Oh, oh.. teens.. and guidance counselors - will it all work out in the end..?
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