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Love And Kisses (2009)

by Jean Ure(Favorite Author)
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review 1: reading logIn this third book that I started to read is about a girl that is not that cool. Her and her best friend never had too many boyfriend. (there is going to be a quote) One day they were walking by and suddenly they saw aboy. They both got suddenly in love with that boy. So everyday after school they went to check where he worked. He was usually never there. One day he found our main character and he aked her out.They go to Starbucks. When they go they chat for about an hour. He walked her ome and they had a nice chat. After he asks her for another date. (there is going to be a quote). Her best friend then asks her if she could come along. Tamsin did not want to affend her by saying no. So she just why did her best friend want to come along. At the end she was not... more going to come. In her second date he gave her a kiss in the cheek. (there is going to be a quote here). Tamsin thought that, that was super romantic. Then they sat down and they atrted to talk. She started to think about a boy in her class that looks like her date. Tamsin said that the boy in her class would never be as ronatic as her date. And then she started to think that maybe the boy in her class would go perfectly with her best friend.And when there date finally finished he walked her home again. (there is going to be a quote) And then they are finallya couple. And that is the end for this week. I think that the quote of this book is love can take over anything. So love is not a bad thing it is a good thing. There is no problem on being in love.After the coffee Tamsin and Alex went to walk by the lake and the walked there until Tamsin had to go home. Tamsin had wished that someone from school had seen her but no one did. Then they walked a bit more before they arrived to their final destination. In that moment he asked her for another date. When they arrived they were talking a bit before she could actually go to her house. Finally when she went to her house and all her family was asking her a lot of question. When Tamsin told to her best friend the good news of course her best friend wanted to come along. Tamsin did everything possible to change the subject but her best fiend did not want to change subjects. Tamsin's best friend did everything just so that she can go with her. Finally the bell rang and Tamsin could not have been happier. Tamsin did not like to make her friend sad so she did not like to tell her no. But this time she wanted to be alone with Alex and she did not want anyone else to be with them.The moral of the story this story is to always do the right thing. As Tamsin here tries to do the right thing but she sometimes does the wrong thing. She is lying to her family about her new boyfriend. She is lying to her friend about Tamsin not wanting her friend to come along. She is trying to do the right thing for her and not like for other people. But she thinks that she is doing the right thing for everyone.The problem that Tamsin has is that she is trying to do the right thing for everyone. She does not know how to make everyone she cares about happy. She thinks that she is but she is lying to a her family and also to her only friend. Right the only person that is happy is Tamsin and her boyfriend because at these few days she is only thinking about them. she does not concentrate about school anymore and that is sad. She is also forgetting to do her homework which she never forgot.
review 2: *SPOILERS* Love and Kisses is a simple look at first love from the point of view of 13 year old Tamsin. When she spots a boy smiling at her while working on a construction site, her heart and her imagination goes into overdrive. She lies to him, telling him she is almost 16 because he is 17, and he believes her. She sneaks around behind her parents backs, meeting him for innocent coffee and kisses.But it all comes out, and she's sent to stay with her dismal Aunties for the summer to stay away from him. Here she learns some family history, about a great Aunt who was in a similar situation, and ended up marrying her love. But she wasn't happy, and the age difference became too much. Finally, Tamsin confesses her age, and Alex says they can't be together.It was kind of cute in a way, although the main character had a much younger voice than I anticipated. I judged entirely from the cover, snatching this one off the shelf when I was limited to five minutes in the library (absolute torture, I say!) So I'd recommend it for very early teens. less
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Was a fantastic book!Told you to do the right thing in life:)
About How a girl whos 13 has a boyfriend whos 17
This book was so good!!!!
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