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I Do And I Don't: A History Of Marriage In The Movies (2013)

by Jeanine Basinger(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 2
0307962229 (ISBN13: 9780307962225)
review 1: I walked away from this book able to list a TON of movies that deal with marriage in some shape or form, but without any really meaningful insights into those movies--Basinger doesn't seem to have a compelling thesis statement or argument. She clearly does really enjoy movies, though, and the experience is a bit like casually chatting with a friend who enjoys telling you all about the odd movies she's seen.
review 2: Jeanine Basinger is the least probing of contemporary film writers - and the most fun (with sincerest apologies to Anthony Lane) Despite a solid reputation as a Film Studies prof, what her books uniformly offer is a light sprinkling of cinematic history, lengthy plot descriptions, a nod to film marketing, and a cursory look at the movies as a refle
... morection of their audience. Not for her the Freudian biographies, semiotic morasses and referential criss-crosses of her brethren. The redemptive quality of these books is her tone; in spite of her academic label, Basinger writes with the infectious infatuation of a film-struck 14 year old (albeit, one from the mid 40's and early 50's.) So here we have a lightweight writer on, by her own admission, a lightweight subject: wedlock a la Hollywood, a condition the industry deemed boring from the days of Edison. Needless to say, this is one circumstance where Basinger's voice is, alas, not enough. "I Do and I Don't"? I don't! less
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I did not finish it as it seemed to just be a recap of movie plots.
Utterly fantastic! Best book of the year so far!
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