F814 by Eve Langlais

At first, I quite enjoyed this book. I liked the couple didn’t immediately jump into each other’s bones. F814 had a trust issue which I completely understand because of the horror she went through. Solus, regardless of his cold attitude, he is actually a caring cyborg that he wanted the best for F814 & thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

All was well until at point that both of them are TSTL. Reading their BS thoughts like “oh Solus doesn’t love me, doesn’t want me for forever” & “oh F814 deserves better & besides, she said she’s incapable to love, to feel more than just feeling alive” over & over again, it only just pissed me off.

The most hated part, F814 acted immature she ran away after hearing a false declaration. Ran she did & put herself in danger, stumbled into the hands of enemy. My brain couldn’t stop flashing “idiot female cyborg”. I mean, she’s a CYBORG. She could command her feelings to ignore the heartbroken or pain anyway. It is like embracing newfound emotion that gone wrong.

Seriously who needs drama llama angst-y shaite in sci-fi romance when you could have them in contemporary romance and in most of young/new adult fiction?

I still love the writing style and it needs another round of proper editing. Plenty of them confusing sentence that is in the book. That is all & read on your own peril.

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