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Balance Of Fate (2000)

by Jeff Inlo(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
Delver Magic
review 1: WOW!!This is the 3rd book in the Delver series that follows the story of Ryson Acumen, a pure-bred Delver in the land of Uton.In this part, we see the world get ripped apart in terms of friendships between the races and we see the rise of several dark and powerful creatures. Plus an enemy that was long forgotten returns to new heights....The story grips you right from the start as you are sucked straight in to the throws of battles and struggles!!And just when you think things can't get any worse, the return of magic creates a being of immense power that threatens the very existence of all...!!Can Ryson, his friends and comrades defeat the dark powers and save the land???You will just have to read it and find out yourself!!
review 2: This is the third book in
... morethis series. Once again the friends are called to defend. To defeat the dark magic that is pervading the whole land. The Serp that was introduced earlier in the series has once more reared his ugly and greedy head. This time he seeks yet more power and approaches a talented sorcerous to help him. Whilst everyone is preoccupied in defending against this new threat, an even greater one lurks ready to pounce!Enin frustrated me a lot in this book. It wasn’t so much his inaction but his way of talking and thinking. I felt like screaming at him to “get to the point”. Whilst I appreciate this was a way of showing the Wizards character and personality, it did get very frustrating as he over-explained so many things. It did make me begin to dread some of the passages that he was featured in.There was a shock when one of the friends, one of my favourite characters, is killed. I sat staring at the page in disbelief, waiting for this person to leap out and explain how they had escaped … but they did die. I keep waiting for Hollie and Sy to become romantically involved … I know that she is an Elf and he is a human … so I don’t know if they’d even be allowed to have a relationship but I keep thinking how well suited they are!I enjoyed this book … my only criticism is one that I have already mentioned (Enin). I believe that anyone that enjoys the Lord of The Rings books would enjoy this series too. The plot continues to be well thought out and explained. The characters are likeable and hateful (depending on who they are). The story is thought provoking as it encourages the reader to think about good and evil, balance, action and inaction, consequences and repercussions. I am now reading book 4 in this series. less
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Another enjoyable book in this series, although it did feel a little rushed at the end.
Came across a little preachy at times but over all an excellent story.
Just gotta keep reading! Can't wait to read the rest!
Enjoyed the series and it was cheap!
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