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Where The River Splits (2008)

by Jeffrey Penn May(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
1905988710 (ISBN13: 9781905988716)
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review 1: The premise of this story really intrigued me -- a failing marriage, a husband who fakes his death when an accident presents a perfect opportunity, the struggle his wife endures as the survivor, interference from outsiders including an insurance investigator and the mentally off-balance good Samaritan who rescued her, and finally the inevitable meeting that puts husband and wife within eyesight of each other after a few years apart.
review 2: Jeffrey Penn May has written an award winning book which he has shared with all of us. It is filled with beautiful descriptions of the wilderness in Canada, the Midwest, the West, and in Mexico. The reader can see the surrounding vegetation, feel the spray of the river rapids, and sense the scent of the foliage and trees.
... moreBut more than that, Jeffrey has given us a view of two lives, their inner conflicts, their shared struggles, and their solitary quests. The balance of power between Susan and David shifts throughout the story, as it does in life. Fans of pre-Columbian history in MesoAmerica will be satisfied with the accuracy of his settings and cultural observance. This book gives an equally satisfying amount of plot and character development that enhances the story's action. And it leaves the door open for a sequel~ less
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I admit I didn't read much of this book. I didn't like the writer's style so gave up on it.
Great story line with beautiful imagery. Worth the read!
I couldn't put it down. Amazing book.
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