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Giving It To The Bad Boy (2013)

by Jenika Snow(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
Evernight Publishing
Tattooed and Pierced
review 1: overall a sweet, sexy, bookit took a while for me to get into this but once it got going with the leads it heated up a bit and got quite steamybut it was a bit to teenagy for me, if that makes sense with the whole high school setting it felt more Y/A and i don't really read young adult as it fells to young for me although that said this one had intensity and some decent sex scenes in it.it was also low angst but still had a near rape scene and bitchy high school mean girls (which was my main problem. bitchy high school stuff felt too young for me to be reading especially as i am in my 20's, i left high school bullshit behind a long time ago)the leads, Reese and Kiera are both very likableReese in particular is HOT, he is defo book boyfriend material the secondary character... mores are really just wallflowers. most are nice (Molly, Alex, Ian, Marcus)some are not (Andrea) however they really never got much of a personality or even did much in the book except Andrea who was had high school bitchy skank written all over herbut i did really like Alex, Kiera's brother.it's a quick, fast paced, well written readbut to me felt a bit too rushed for a standalone it was too short and considering the price i paid for it, i was hoping for more. it also has Dual POV, which i lovebut it was in third person which i like lessbut overall a good, enjoyable read
review 2: I'm going to start this review by saying how awesome Jenika Snow's books are. I read this one first about a week ago and have now completely read about four others because I got so addicted to her characters and writing style.I'm such a sucker for the bad-boy falls for good girl template. It never gets stale for me but Jenika Snow manages to take it to a whole new level for me.Reese is the quintessential bad boy, he likes fighting, fast women and a good party but underneath it all he's lonely, sad and angry due to his home life circumstances and what woman can resist the tortured self-destructive tattooed warrior that comes to your rescue? Not Keira our adorable leading lady. Keira was completely endearing to me, I could relate to her. She was a normal girl with the same insecurities as the rest of the female population but she was a little shy and unsure of herself until Reese introduces himself into her life. Jenika's use of dialogue between the characters was easy flowing and never felt forced, it drew you in to the storyline and I fell head over heels for Reese! Another great story from Jenika. less
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it was sweet and not yout tipical bad boy to play with, but there was something missing...
I think I'm in love with all if Jenika Snows books!!!
enjoyed this book and story x
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