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Denying The Bad Boy (2013)

by Jenika Snow(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
Evernight Publishing
Tattooed and Pierced
review 1: I enjoyed this book a million times more than I did with the first book in this series the first book was just like reading a teenage drama unfold with 18-19 year olds + adult content if you took the sex out of the book if was basically a YA novel and I really didn't connect with the characters ... I however LOVED this book and as Alex did have a small part in the first book it was nice to see him all grown up .. I loved when Mary took her gloves off and just let everyone get what was coming to them that was a FANTASTIC dinner party though I do wish that when the prick cornered her at the car she had crushed his balls or stun gunned him that would have been fun!! Alex pounding the crap out of him was really good though I think he should have broken a few more bones .. ;) ... morebefore he stopped lol
review 2: This one is kind of hard for me. I actually REALLY liked Alex and Mary. Yes, her name is a drag, but whatever. And I really enjoyed the story and the steam factor. I had an issue and it's a me issue which may not apply to you...I live within the SEC for those not into college sports, that's the Southeastern Conference. Football is king here. Alex is supposed to be the star QB at Ohio State University. I know many Buckeyes. We've played them in a few bowl games and I can tell you one thing, they take their football as serious as any SEC school I know even though they're not within the SEC. He's a senior in his fall semester. There is very little to no life for these dudes outside of football in the fall, but you'd think he was playing intramural for all that it's mentioned. They consistently make plans and do things on Saturdays. For a college football player, much less a STAR SENIOR QB, Saturdays in the fall are sacred and that religion is football. He gets put on probation for grades and they give him till midterms to fix it. That's way too much of the season. This would be big time news. These QB's if they're worth anything are notorious in the surrounding community. They get recognized when they go out. There are articles written about them. They're minor celebrities unless they're really good and then they're major celebrities. If she'd made him some other position like an offensive lineman or something, maybe I'd have bought it. But that wasn't the case and it irritated me. On top of that, I don't think we EVER meet one of his teammates. I thought his roommates would all be teammates, but nope. This too is so far outside of the life of a college football player at a major football program that it was irritating. It's fiction and I'm willing to give a lot of fictional freedom to authors. I like that it's not 100% real, but that really bugged me. So if you're not into college football you'll be good to go. :) less
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This was a cute short read. Got through it fast and really enjoyed the story.
Loved this series-highly recommend it.
2.5 stars
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