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What The Duke Desires (2009)

by Jenna Petersen(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0061470821 (ISBN13: 9780061470820)
Billingham Bastards
review 1: WOW!! COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!! A MUST READ!!, July 11, 2013This review is from: What the Duke Desires (Duke's Men) (Kindle Edition)This was a very well crafted story and had lots of great fully developed characters. The banner between Max the Duke and Lisette was at times funny and romantic, and their communications leads into building a believable love relationship. The historical era was on point even their dialects worked for the period of time. All Historical romance authors should do their homework as Sabrina Jeffries obviously has. She was very historically accurate and made the reader feel as if they were in the 1800's. Their was only one problem I had that was not believable and it was who Lisette was. But she was such a wonderful character you soon forget her relat... moreionship with the Duke was almost impossible for the times. But I loved her anyway!!Lisette and her brother Tristan and mother who is the Old Viscounts Mistress have to leave their home when the Viscount dies of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest the Viscounts older son George is now the new Viscount. He hates his half siblings and their mother, but his brother Com loves them and takes their side. Com helps them leave when George evicts them from their home. This story is very well written the characters are true to the period the dialect is correct and believable. The only problem I have is Lisette who is a wonderful character but she is half French 26 and Illegitimate, and she is in trade. I am not sure during this period of time right after the war with France a English Duke would even consider marrying someone of her circumstance. But she is such a lovable and well developed character that it compensates for the unbelievable part.Maximilian Cale, Duke of Lyons who's older brother is assumed dead becasue he was kidnapped and his body was found buried after dying in a house fire. Now many years later someone has sent Max the Duke of Lyons evidence that his brother might still be alive. He meets the heroine Lisette who is the illegitimate daughter of the deceased Viscount and now she works as an clerk in her half brother Dom's private investigation firm. Her other brother Tristan sent Max this evidence and but he never shows up for the meeting he arranged to have with Max. Lisette believes her brother is in France. working as a investigator for the French government. Tristan is the one who sent Max this evidence and ask to meet with him to discuss it. However, Tristan never shows up for the meeting. I won't tell all, but Max thinks this is a hokes to extort money from him and Lisette want to prove her brother wouldn't extort money like that. so they travel together as Husband and wife to France to find Tristan.I highly Recommend this book. It was so good and I couldn't put it down.
review 2: 3.5I just didn't love the h/h together. The chemistry was lacking and the angst got old. Just tell him for crying out loud. I could see the conflict and resolution a mile away. The reason for the .5 star is the way the old Duke's secret played out I really didn't see that one coming. I didn't love it but it was well hidden. I think this had real potential for a great dark fleshed out story but it just followed your typical HR formula with rather flat characters. less
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Possibly the worst romance I've ever read.
A beautiful story . :)
A good read!
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