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Choosing Glee: 10 Rules To Finding Inspiration, Happiness, And The Real You (2013)

by Jenna Ushkowitz(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 5
1250030617 (ISBN13: 9781250030610)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: I read it cover to cover, but I keep paging through it time and again because it’s just this big ol’ glossy scrapbook of bright colors and happiness. Seemingly minimal text (although at one point she says she handed in a final draft of 40,000 words), but wonderfully designed and connected by a theme of quotes from Glee cast mates and references to the show and her time on it. Little sad whenever she mentions her boyfriend being her rock (as they just split up), but all in all, it does exactly what the title promises. Her voice is distinctive and comes through on every page.
review 2: I am all about "Glee". So pre-ordering Jenna Ushkowitz's new book "Choosing Glee" was only natural. I have to say this book is just beautiful. The pictures of Jenna and/or the
... moreGlee gang is worth the purchase price alone. Jenna's offers up some fun background stories about her life and some Glee adventures. The book is about how Jenna stays positive and focuses on reaching her goals and being true to herself. Its presented in a fun, entertaining, and positive way. I do think the book could appeal to the younger audience as well as to the adult market. Most of her principles explained in the book can apply to both age groups. The only negative is that I think that the advice given could have been more detailed and maybe provided some further explanation. The chapter self evaluations were cute and practical and I really loved some of the quotes provided. The portion about Chris Colfer was especially poignant and beautiful. Darren Criss offered up a memorable quote and I loved Jenna's uplifting songlists. She also quotes a song that I find very meaningful to my life personally "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Overall this book itself is quite a joy and I am committed to following anything else Jenna may release. less
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This is a little more geared towards the teen crowd, but I enjoyed reading it all the same.
such an inspiring book written by an amazing person. :)
Sweet. Very enjoyable. Like a happy Glee scrapbook.
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