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I Am Jennie (2012)

by Jennie Ketcham(Favorite Author)
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1451644760 (ISBN13: 9781451644760)
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review 1: I went into the library for Orange is the New Black and came out with this autobio of a former porn star who went by the name Penny Flame. I really enjoyed the book. I thought it was blunt stuff about a day at the office for a porn performer and insightful, especially about addiction. Gossip-ridden but well-written, which surprised me. She's bright. Sex sells. But at what price? Read it and find out.
review 2: This is a moving story of a woman finding herself one of the biggest stars of the porn industry and hitting the breaks. Her story from childhood to this point is very telling about how easily someone can take that path.Her inner work is presented to the reader in a raw and honest way. She openly discusses the illicit details of her adult career as well
... moreas the details of her rocky personal life that brought her to this point.In her journey to gain a semblance of autonomy from the drugs, the men and the destructive ideas in her head, we find she is a genuine complete and inspirational person. The graphic details in this work could turn some off, but the story on the whole is well worth reading and learning from. The lesson being that human value is far more than skin deep. less
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exploring self-worth and allowing for redemption
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