Amazon Dot Skills

My husband got real excited about getting the Amazon Echo Dot. I wasn’t at first, then I found out it reads my kindle books to me!! (I also learned from Arrowhead freelance and publishing’s blog this new way of adding my own word documents to my Kindle app which is also really awesome!! It’s called send to kindle. Super cool feature for writers but this post isn’t about that.) All the Skills you can add to your Dot are pretty cool. You can add skills that play games, inspire you, tell you brain facts, and there’s even apps that play ocean waves to help you meditate, sleep, or relax. But my all time favorite skill is called The Listeners  it’s the second Version published May-June 2016 and features a vocal performance by Ian Hatcher of texts composed by John Cayley, with sound design assistance from Ben Nicholson. It’s so cool and creepy. It actually started out as a piece of art and has been displayed at a few different galleries across the world. You can have conversations with “The Listeners” and get to know more things about them. I haven’t sat and played it for long but it seems like it’s full of secrets and a good time.

I had my bestie try it and she was uncomfortable. Creeped her out too much. So I understand it’s not for everybody but it’s a fun skill to play around with. If anything, it can help you practice listening better.

If you’ve attempted to play around with The Listeners skill I’d love to hear your experience!

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