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To Love, Honor And Betray (2012)

by Jennie Lucas(Favorite Author)
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037323855X (ISBN13: 9780373238552)
review 1: I hate to say this because usually I like Jennie Lucas's book so much, but this one I really didn't like. I just didn't connect to the book at all or the characters for that matter. In fact throughout the book, I just wanted to hurry up and get it done as quickly as possible because I just wanted the book to end already, which rarely happens to me when I read a book. But I just found it hard to muscle through this book and found myself reading so slowly, which dragged it out even more.For one I hated him, I didn't think he was charming like the heroes are usually in these types of books and make the readers like them or connect to them and feel for him. I thought he was a complete jerk the entire book until maybe the very end when he did the decent thing and let her go (th... moreough I knew their separation wasn't going to last long). I didn't connect with him at all and I disliked him from the very beginning. I get that the boy had trust issues and resulted in his jealousy, but it was just too much for me especially after all he did to keep Callie separated from her family and only had to depend on him for comfort. How was that right? In my eyes, I don't know if he quite redeemed himself even at the end, I think he should have done a lot more apologizing and a lot more making it up to Callie. And the only reason that I knew that he loved her (though I doubted it many times throughout the book) was when he finally fell asleep in her arms after never having been able to do that with another person in the past, which I thought was one of the sweeter moments, but even still I couldn't come to like him or come over to his side.I also didn't like them as a couple together to be honest. They just didn't seem to fit together in my view, which caused me to not to root for them or want them to get their happily ever after, which for me in these type of books is rare because I'm usually rooting for the couple to get together and have a happy life together, but not in this case. Just I don't know, but I almost didn't believe them as a couple and felt it a little contrived to be honest. The only reason they got married in the first place was because she was pregnant (Ok, lots of Harlequin Presents have this theme and I am used to them and even expect them and even work for me because the couple just fit together so well and they just complimented one another and were meant be together in the end. I like those stories and that's why I read Presents in the first place) and they were then forced to have a relationship. Then supposedly they had this fierce sexual attraction to one another that they couldn't help but fall in bed together. Now on her side I maybe could see it (though I thought she was crazy especially after Eduardo treated her so appallingly)and understand it because she had feelings for him for a long time, but I didn't really see it on his side so much and just felt like he was with just because she was a convenience to him. I know that he said he hadn't been with another woman since her, but I still didn't believe it. I just didn't feel right about it or them as a couple. It just bothered me, and I just thought they didn't fit that well together. So, I didn't like them as a couple or wanted them as a couple even though I knew they would end up together in the end. It just didn't work for me, and therefore the story didn't work because it was supposed be their love story. I think that Callie deserved way better than Eduardo and that she could've done better for herself. Not that Callie was innocent in any stretch of the imagination with not telling Eduardo she was pregnant with his baby, though I understand why she didn't want to tell him, and then planned to marry her best friend Brandon and let him be the father of her baby. That was wrong, but I could understand that she did that in hopes of creating a stable family life with her child and didn't expect Eduardo to want to get involve with the child and stay in his playboy lifestyle that he was accustomed to. But to her shock he did show up before she married Brandon after her sister called Eduardo to let him know about his child. And then Eduardo practically kidnapped her and married her so he could be in his child's life, but he did it cruelly and basically isolated her from her family and gave her the cold shoulder the first three months of their marriage and then suddenly he wanted and wanted to sleep with her. Talk about a sudden turn about, no wonder Callie's head couldn't be kept straight. And he expected everything to be okay after that especially when she kept her from her family by not sending her letters or letting her read letters from them. And you love this guy. Come on. She could've done so much better and deserved to be treated better.Oh, and as a side note, even though she didn't know Brandon was in love with her, though I did from word one and his introduction to him because who else would marry someone who was pregnant with another man's child, and everyone else saw it too and he tried his best to help her as possible by keeping her safe and trying to get her away from Eduardo while being totally in love with her even though knowing she doesn't feel the same way about him. But then suddenly he did a one eighty all of a sudden, I got that he finally understood that they would never be together like they way he wanted and he accepted that, but then all of a sudden he was dating her sister, who was in love with him by the way which was why she called Eduardo in the first place to stop the wedding between Callie and Brandon, then he was magically in love with her and the next thing I knew they were engaged within a short few months. I was like what? How did that happen so quickly? I guess you weren't so in love with Callie after all like you thought either that or you are using her sister as a substitute. Either was it didn't put him in a favorable light with me and just made me feel like this was another wrong part of the story. So, I was disappointed with this book and wished I liked it more than I did, but the fact is I didn't, and like I said I have liked Jennie Lucas very much in the past, but this one just didn't work for me at all. And it wasn't because of the storyline that bothered me because like I said I am used to reading this types of books and even expect them and enjoy them, knowing they are good fun, light reads that I could escape in for a few hours, but this one wasn't fun for me. And it had to do with the characters and their relationship and the connection between the two that didn't work for me, making me not believe in their coupledom or root for them. They just didn't belong together in my opinion and I just felt their relationship lacked for me. I just didn't feel that loving connection that I usually get when I read these book, therefore making me believe that they belonged together.Hopefully the next Jennie Lucas book I read I will like better where I like the characters and root for them and their relationship, feeling that they belong together and I can actually feel the connection between the two and just feel for them and what they have to go through to be together. Hoping they fit together nicely so they get their happily ever after in the end. And hopefully I'll like the hero better too.
review 2: Loved this book, love Jeannie Lucas's writing. The hero was brooding, possessive, intense and I thought he was powerful and hunky but never a jerk! In fact he was very sensitive and had a lot of issues that made me wanna hug him! He is an amazing man. The level of emotional and physical passion was high and the love scenes steamy and intense. One of the most romantic and passionate books I've ever read! less
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Thought I'd try an M&B. Not my cuppa tea. But OH! The Drama! Not for me.
loved it! a definite keeper and more intense than the usual hps:)
Category: Classic Romance
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