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A Toy For Two (2000)

by Jennifer Cole(Favorite Author)
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Le Club d'Esclavage
review 1: Ok, today’s review is for A Toy For Two, which was my favorite of the three books. Yesterday’s review focused on Natalie, who met the masked man of her dreams at the Le Club d’Esclavage, and A Toy For Two focuses on Megan… And Troy… And Ransom. Yeah, now you are seeing why I liked it, I know. So Megan is depicted as the most outgoing of the trio of women, but lately her social life has been lacking. She was a virgin until she was 25, but at this point she has had enough of inexperienced lovers. She longs for more. Not only that, but her dad is a high ranking government official, and a bit of a fun-killer. In fact, the man is a downright asshole, and I felt badly for Megan as she had to deal with his wrath. He comes down on her like a hammer, but Megan isn’t goi... moreng to take it. To say I loved her is putting it lightly. I felt for this girl. And then when she got to have a super hot ménage with a super hot couple, I was insanely jealous. The words of the club’s manager echoed in her mind: “The owner would like to make one thing very clear. When you cross the threshold into Le Club d’Esclavage, it is your desire to participate completely in our manner of play, and such will be expected of you.”Once again, the club itself is a major character in the story. It’s dark and sexy, but the owner takes care of everyone in it. The employees have their own living quarters, there is even a gym for them to exercise in. It really just shows you that when you go to a BDSM club, it’s not just a night out on the town, it’s a way of life. Megan meets Ransom first. I really loved Ransom. He was so gentle and caring with her, but yet firm. He didn’t result to trickery and he was up front about his relationship with Troy, his lover. Troy is the Dom and Ransom is the sub. Both are lethally sexy. When Troy enters the scene everything goes up a couple notches. The heat and sensuality raise, the freaking temperature raises. Megan is nervous about being in not only a ménage, but a D/s ménage at that. Both Troy and Ransom make every effort to make sure she knows this is her choice, her decision. They also make it clear how much she is wanted. And by the end, she knows what is really going on with the three of them. Yep, the words Happily Ever After definitely come into play here, friends. This book had it all, and like I said, it was my favorite. There was some kinky sexy, some incredibly caring men, and a woman who has to brave her over controlling and over bearing father to grab hold of the overflowing happiness she just found in Troy and Ransom.
review 2: Megan grew up with a verbally abusive father who made her pretty unresponsive to her lovers. on a night out with her two best girlfriends the went to Le' Club d'Esclavage looking for a night of fun. Megan met up with Ransom, a man who set her on fire from the start. following him up to his apartment for a night of fun and exploring BDSM she found out that he had even more to offer. His lover and Dom Troy joined the mix. They offered her a night of unrelenting passion. come sun up they were all whispering their "i love yous" and making plans for their permanent happily ever after when daddy dearest showed up trying to drag her out of the club. the men quickly put an end to that and HEA was quickly attained. people in books sure do move fast huh? less than 24 hours and they are moving in together. never ceases to make me giggle.the scenes in this book were just beyond steamy. falling pretty midline on the BDSM scale, with a little m/m in the mix. the m/m was pretty light and not too graphic. the menage scenes were delicious though. there was character development for megan, but little on everyone else. you got to read a bit about Troy's life in the scene and what he used to do. not much of anything for Ransom. for such a short story i guess it really isnt necessary though. less
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OMG hawt!!! I think the heat of the story might have caused a few of my brain cells to explode…
Short menage book love at first sight kind of stuff. It was okay the sex was hot though.
3.5 stars
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