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At The Dungeon Master's Hand (2008)

by Jennifer Cole(Favorite Author)
2.24 of 5 Votes: 2
Lyrical Press
Le Club d'Esclavage
review 1: The authors writing is ok... the story premise & plot are lacking.. but the way that Natalie was exposed to the BDSM lifestyle/environment in this club was NOT OK.I find this was poor portrayal of the lifestyle1) just a statement at the door that if you enter you agree to play...yeah right2) she had numerous drinks at the bar, and should not have been allow to play - at one point Natalie even asks if something had been put in her drinks3) she was taken without her consent4) no explanation of what was going on or what was to happen to her5) no training or easing her into the life style6) no safe word, or any method provide for her to stop the play and be released - not even a discussion of it7) no knowledge of who the man is - how in the hell can that build trust - if this ... morewas a pre-arranged captive fantasy it could work8) no say in what will happen to her or even if she likes what he might do to her9) no condom used10) no idea if Natalie is on any birth control - as Max doesn't even ask11) Natalie asks to be let go at least 3 times - not with fear or conviction but the request is ignored12) story line really isn't- very little plot13) book tied together with just sex scenes14) no connection between the characters - other than lust especially on Max's part15) no character development - but in 59 pages thats hard to dothank goodness this was a short read and a freebie - not much to call this a good read for me, a few explicit sex scenes just doesn't make a good book.There are so many better reads in the romantic, erotic, BDSM, genre available
review 2: Book One in a trilogy whose stories overlap--even to the point where a small portion of the text of each book is a word for word repetition. It brings the experiences of three friends at a local BDSM club together, each of the tree novellas highlighting one of the friends. I think they were a bit short on plot with lots of erotica. Yet they were enjoyable, short reads. This first novella introduces the reader to the three friends with the two succeeding novellas expanding the stories of one of the friends. I am not a great fan of short stories and novellas -- I inevitably feel short-changed in plot and character development. I found Natalie to be a fascinating character as she explored her sexuality and made some startling discoveries about herself. Thought the masked Dom to be just a bit contrived. less
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Wow! This book was So Hot! Jennifer is a wonderful book writer.
really disappointed with the portrayal of bdsm in this story
Short but enjoyable!
Very hott!
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