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Southern Fried Sushi (2011)

by Jennifer Rogers Spinola(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 4
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Southern Fried Sushi
review 1: I hated this book for so many reasons. 1) Shiloh is a self-centered, judgmental, arrogant brat for most of the story, making it extremely difficult to care about what happens to her. 2) she constantly refers to herself as "Shiloh P Jacobs" which gets old after the first time. 3) the ridiculously unrealistic portrayal of characters: someone who grew up in New York has never had root beer, iced tea, or pecan pie?? What!? And what person in the US in 2011 thinks camera phones are super fancy? You're telling me southerners today have never seen an iPhone? 4) last but not least, the non-stop bombardment of Christian beliefs. It all felt so forced and contrived the way the characters constantly talked about God. No matter what the conversation was about, they would somehow tur... moren it into a lesson on Christianity. It annoyed the crap out of me, and I found myself skimming over large sections of text as the book dragged on. There might have been a worthwhile message about redemption and forgiveness in there, especially with respect to Shiloh and her mother, if the author didn't feel the need to pound us over the head with it. Apparently "subtle" is not a word in her vocabulary.Ok, I'm done. Normally, I save my rants for book club, but I decided to make an exception :)
review 2: Shiloh thinks she is living the perfect life in Japan with a fantastic job as an AP reporter, a hot Argentinian fiance, and a lifestyle filled with all the best of the material world. But a trip back to the States when her mom dies lands in her deep south Virginia, culture shock, and a world that comes crashing down around her leaving her with nothing from her previous life but one friend. When she takes the time to understand the people around her, Shiloh finally finds the missing piece in her life.This novel is filled with fun-loving humor, pathos and uplifting faith. The characters are delightful and the author's spoof on southern drawls and southern food are spot on (having been a California girl transplanted to Texas after marriage). There are so many little gems of faith in this book as well as symbols, but I particularly liked the Kobe rose. This is my first book by Jennifer Rogers Spinola and I can't wait to read the next one. less
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not what I thought. turned out to be very religious and almost kind of critical towards that.
I liked the message of this book, but the southern dialect was way overdone and distracting.
I read 3 chapters. This is going nowhere. It is going on my "too lame to finish" shelf.
This was a great book. I look forward to finding out what happens next.
Exciting modern adventure! You feel like you've taken a unique journey.
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