Harbinger vol 1 & 2 TPB / Comicbook / 2012

The first 10 issues of Harbinger include some excellent world building and plot progression. The main character, Peter Stanchek, is a bit of a dick, which usually puts me off things, but it worked fine here. I think what helps is having a really fun likeable character, Faith, turn up a few issues in. I really really loved the art in the first four issues by Khari Evans and was a little disappointed when the second trade moved on to a guest artist per issue format, although I was pleased to see a Lee Garbett issue, who’s art I really like in Agent of Asgard and X-O Manowar. Harbinger develops an interesting part of the Valiant Universe (a secret society of mind-power users described as psiots) and sets up an engaging conflict between a corporate with questionable morals and a bunch of renegade teenagers with questionable morals. Looking forward to reading more

Update: The ‘Harbinger Wars’ event follows this and it’s ace

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