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Save Me (2000)

by Jenny Elliott(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 6
1250061474 (ISBN13: 9781250061478)
review 1: SAVE ME was an interesting debut novel that combined romance with the supernatural. Cara meets David when they are on a whale sighting cruise. She is swept overboard and he rescues her. They have an immediate connection - complete with tingling. They go on a date and find that they are compatible.However, once school starts, high school senior Cara is dismayed to find the David is a student teacher at her school. They both try to do the responsible thing and stay away from each other but they still long for each other. That isn't Cara's only problem this school year. Her best friend Rachel has taken up with a new boy, gone Goth, and dropped her friendship with Cara. And Amber has come back to town. She is jealous of Cara because Amber's boyfriend dumped her to take up with... more Cara. Cara was, in turn, dumped by him when she refused to be intimate with him. Amber never got over the fact that he left her for Cara. She has turned to witchcraft to get her revenge.Also new in town this year is a mysterious boy named Garren who becomes Cara's friend and protector despite the fact that neither has any romantic interest in the other. Add in a mother who is throwing up all sorts of obstacles to thwart Cara's relationship with her "older man" and you have an angst-filled story.I liked Cara despite a couple of TSTL (too stupid to live) moments. The story was a bit too much tell and not enough show and not very polished but it was still engaging. I can see teen readers swooning over the relationship between Cara and David and shivering with fear as Amber tries to break them up.
review 2: The synopsis of this was a bit odd to begin with, but it was intriguing and that's why I read it. Turns out the entire story is just odd. The writing doesn't flow well, the characters are flat, there are an abnormal amount of diet soda references, and I have no idea why the whales were mentioned as much as they were. All that being said, the magic portion of the story was definitely interesting and while I didn't quite believe the romance portion, I liked how it played into the overall story. I kept reading because I was mildly invested in what was going to happen and I kept hoping there would be a big reveal... Sadly, I was disappointed. I can see how this book will be popular, it just wasn't for me. less
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The amount of times the word "cute" was used was too much to handle.
2.75 stars.Review video going up tomorrow!
Extra star for Crossback and Bobbi.
Ummmm. Review to come?
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