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Secret Affair (2012)

by Melissa Love(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 5
Melissa Love
review 1: There was never a dull moment when reading this book. With only 68 pages from beginning to end, Secret Affair will keep you turning page after page for a super-quick read.Secret Affair was so easy to read in just one setting. There were a few typos that distracted from the reading, but other than that it was a pretty straight-forward book. Carter Perry is presented at first as a loving husband, and even after finishing the book I have to say it appears that he becomes a bit obsessed with finding out about his wife’s infidelity. If the book was just a tiny bit longer, then perhaps I could have sympathized more for Carter, who definitely had reason to be upset. It just seems a little too packed-together for my tastes. If you just want a real-quick read, this book is defin... moreitely worth looking into though.
review 2: First of all I have to say that Melissa's presentation of her book was beautiful and classy. I was really impressed with Melissa the author and the passion she has for her book.. Be prepared for a crude and gritty glimpse of a scandalous relationship. I will admit that this theme or language is not my cup of tea but I will share it with my adult daughters for their more open minded opinion. Thank you Melissa for writing the book.. less
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love it, especially the ending. I was surprised at the ending.
3 stars..it was predictable
so far just starting
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