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The (Sparkly) Vampire (-Obsessed) Diaries (2000)

by Lauren Fobbs(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
1466259035 (ISBN13: 9781466259034)
review 1: This is written in a diary style; poor Jeanette thinks she is the bees's knees and that boys should be falling at her feet, although if they do she wont know what to do with them!Her obsession with Twilight and "love" of Edward Cullen colours all her thought processes and life choices to the determent of friends and boyfriends alike.A nice ending occurs, although you sort of see it coming....I only gave it 3* as the author did not seem to be able to decide how dippy her lead character was.... one moment she was holding down and job, next she was shocked at a kiss, then she was able to fly across america on her own... amazing when you consider the other dippy things she does!worth a read though, just for a good giggle.
review 2: i got a kindle for christmas so i
... more've been buying books like crazy off amazon. this was one of the recommendations and the title really caught my eye. i like the vampire diaires, i adored twilight - this book was for me. i can relate to Jeannette. i have gotten slightly obsessed with vampires and i find myself sometimes living in a delusional world because, let's face it, dreaming about the perfect guy coming along is much better than actually noticing all teenage boys are idiots. Jeannette was quite whiny though, which was something i didn't like. then again she's a teenager with a flair for dramatics, self-involvement and bitchiness when it comes to her friends. we all do it though. Grayson's lovely. Adored him from the moment he paid for Jeannette's ticket at the cinema. Felt sorry for Steven, as Jeannette is a slight pyschopath. then again, i'm probably very close to being just as psychotic. Oh well. less
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This desperately needs a cover change.But I still want to read the book. :)
The paperback is great! Cover coming soon :)
Well this looks.......interesting.
Really want to read this book! :)
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