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11 Experiments That Failed (2011)

by Jenny Offill(Favorite Author)
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0375847626 (ISBN13: 9780375847622)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: You know. This book was okay. It's a bit a challenge to read aloud, and generally when I think of picture books, I think they're usually going to be about things picture book age kids can relate to. While this book is funny and absurd (which kids of all ages like), the idea of an experiment (much less the scientific method) is still a little abstract for my almost 6 year old. I think an older kid might get a kick out of the content, but maybe find it a little too silly by the time they could fully grasp the level of absurdity going on. That said, my 5 year old wants to replicate the message in a bottle in a toilet experiment, which tells me something got lost in translation.
review 2: This was great! The kids were roaring with laughter (note to all people
... more looking for funny books, my 7/5 y.o.s loved it). Though it is less precise about narrowing a scientific question and having methods for testing, it's a good introduction to hypothesis and experiment as the scientific model--all through funny, home-based examples. Illustrations are chock full of the mix of lab notes and neat settings and familial reactions to the experiments--as when stinky cheese is doused in the mom's perfume to see whether perfume would improve the experience of the cheese. less
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this makes a great (even partial) read-aloud during my summer reading visits for fizz boom read.
This will be perfect to use for our summer science themed programs.
I thought it had potential to be way more clever and funny.
E OFFILL, J. Mostly silly experiments. Not a favorite
Humorous beginners manual for the scientific method.
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