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The Raven's Heart (2012)

by Jesse Blackadder(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
Bywater Books
review 1: I seem to have read a lot of historical books on the period of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth. I wonder why there are so many - was it a very interesting period of English (and Scottish) history or is there a lot of research material. In this case the author has an ancestor who was a protagonist in the story, which gives it a little personal interest. Similar to my review of the other book I've read by Jesse Blackadder, she takes historical incidents and winds it into a novel. I enjoyed it. Recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction.
review 2: I enjoy historical novels especially on English/Scottish history and this was no exception. What a wicked web of intrigue, treachery and love these people had to live in, not knowing from one minute to t
... morehe next which people around you were friend or foe. The main character Alison Blackadder was a young girl disguised as a boy for most of her life, no wonder she was confused about love. A good read. less
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One of the most beautiful and captivating historical fictions I've ever read. Thoroughly enjoyed!
Fabulous book. Utterly compelling particularly for someone that loves historical fiction.
I love what the author did with some family history research and a touch of imagination.
Interesting but different from what I expected.
One of my favourite historical novels.
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