Box Set Release: Matthews Family by Beverly Preston

Happy Wednesday!! Today we are sharing a release from Beverly Preston (a Geekery Book Review fave). She’s combining her Beyond the Mathews Family books into a box set duet! I loved both of these stories and hope you’ll snatch it up! Beverly is a special person, beyond her writing and I know myself and many in the book community are sending happy thoughts to her family as her daughter Jordyn once again is battling that beast we call cancer. So grab her books, support her! Happy reading! ~ Amber 

BEYOND THE MATHEWS FAMILY – TWO STANDALONE NOVELS by USA Today bestselling Author Beverly Preston

A TASTE OF SUMMER – A second chance romance.
Most people know Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Summer, as Ryan, no last name required. But once upon a time, he was just Summer to Carrie Ann—before a decade of blockbuster hits skyrocketed his success into superstardom.
Summer was smart, gorgeous, and cocky as hell. Nothing was out of his reach. Not even Carrie Ann Lowell. He was the love of her life—until he shattered her heart. Their breakup left more than a profound rift in her soul. It crushed her.
When Carrie Ann’s college flame forces his way back into her life, his dirty-talking, bold self-assurance re-ignites a passion she thought had long since been extinguished. Carrie Ann didn’t believe in second chances.
Not even for him.
No matter how deliciously tempting.
With sparks flying and hidden truths unraveling, will Carrie Anne be able to deny her desires to save herself from another heartbreak?

HOLDING ONTO HOPE – A friends to lovers romance.
The biggest gifts often require the greatest sacrifices.
Italian winemaker, Antonio Giovanni is tall, dark, and handsome with an accent sexy enough to leave a trail of women’s panties in his wake.
Including Hope’s.
Master Sommelier, Hope Tidwell travels the globe seeking out the finest wines. She refuses to let relationships get in the way of her career and abides by a strict set of rules:
No ties.
No expectations.
No risks.
Lucky for her, those rules work just fine for Antonio.
Until they don’t.
When Hope’s sister asks her to do the one thing she’s sworn never to do, she can’t say no.
Can she?
She never intended to travel down this road.
When unanticipated and devastating events throw the trajectory of her life so far off course, she can’t even recognize her world anymore. Suddenly, the rules no longer apply.
Will Hope be able to do the one thing that terrifies her the most?

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About the Author:
Beverly Preston

USA Today and Amazon Top 5 Best-selling Author

Life isn’t about tomorrow ~ Life is about today
Twitter: @beverlypreston

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