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Madison Avenue Shoot (2009)

by Jessica Fletcher(Favorite Author)
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0451226038 (ISBN13: 9780451226037)
New American Library
Murder, She Wrote
review 1: Where Jessica Fletcher goes, murder invariably follows, as shown in Bain's taut 31st mystery to feature the crime-solving character immortalized by Angela Lansbury on the small screen (after 2008's A Slaying in Savannah). While visiting her ad exec nephew, Grady Fletcher, and his family in New York City, Jessica agrees to appear in a TV commercial as one of several celebrities promoting an international credit card. Betsy Archibald, the creative director of the ad agency handling the shoot, makes the experience uncomfortable for all involved due to frequent tantrums. When Grady's nine-year-old son, Frank, disappears on the set while watching his great-aunt perform, his parents become frantic. Jessica and Grady's search reveals Betsy, dead from a nail-gun wound, but no Fran... morek. Did the boy witness the murder? Jessica at first irritates the police detective in charge of the investigation, but later impresses him as she cracks the case in her typical no-nonsense style.
review 2: WHY I LOVE JESSICA FLETCHER–A conversation with DONALD BAIN If I gave you five clues, could you name this best-selling mystery author?Clue # 1. He’s written over 100 books. Yes, 100. Clue #2. He wrote COFFEE, TEA OR ME, an international best-seller that sold over five million copies and was translated into a dozen languages. Incidentally, it’s been re-issued as a trade paperback so you can still pick up a copy. Clue # 3. His latest book is MADISON AVENUE SHOOT and features a beloved heroine/amateur sleuth who solves a murder in New York City with her nephew, Grady. Clue #4. He’s written over 30 books featuring this same heroine. In fact, they’re so intimately acquainted, she’s listed as his co-author..and she appears on every book cover. Okay, the next clue should be the clincher.Clue #5. His famous heroine lives in Cabot Cove. Got it? We’re talking about Donald Bain, an extraordinary writer whose work includes mysteries, comedies, westerns, biographies, and even Mafia novels. For the past twenty years, he’s been known primarily for the Murder She Wrote series published by Penguin Obsidian.With his wife, Renee, Mr. Bain creates new adventures for the intrepid Jessica Fletcher as she solves a murder mystery in every book. Intricately plotted with a cast of familiar and engaging characters, (remember Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger?) the settings are beautifully done and span the globe. Mr. Bain told me at Bouchercon last Fall that the most popular book in the series is MURDER ON THE QE2.It seems that Donald and Renee Bain will never run out of ideas--the later books in the series are as fresh and appealing as the earlier ones. He’s found his niche. As he says,” Most recently, my niche has been writing the tie-in novels based upon one of America’s most beloved TV shows, ‘Murder She Wrote.’ I get credit on these books along with Jessica Fletcher, who exists only as a TV character played by Angela Lansbury.”In 2006, he was designated Grand Master by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) He and Renee are popular workshop presenters and spoke at Malice Domestic (a fun fan convention devoted to traditional mysteries) last week in Arlington, Virginia. If you can catch up with the Bains at a signing or a conference, you’re in for a treat. less
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Another good mystery by Jessica Fletcher... Love reading these and watching reruns of the same....
I almost always enjoy these; they're like chatting with an old friend.
Another good book with Jessica Fletcher. (Murder, She Wrote)
Not as good as the others, but still an enjoyable read.
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