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Attempting Elizabeth (2013)

by Jessica Grey(Favorite Author)
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0985039655 (ISBN13: 9780985039653)
Tall House Books
review 1: Let it be known that I'm a sucker for anything related to Pride & Prejudice. I too swooned over Darcy in my teens and, to this day, have a dog-eared copy of the book that I devour every now and then. Is it any wonder then that I'd want to see where Jessica Grey took me? I couldn't wait to see how Kelsey's story would mesh into Austen's world.I was instantly drawn in by Kelsey and her friends. They acted exactly as I hoped. Teasing one another, making movie references, and trading the best kind of snarky remarks. When Mark wandered into the picture, I was smitten. Tall, dark, handsome and Australian? That should be an illegal combination. I loved watching the battle of wits between these two at the beginning.Then the Austen aspect came into play and, initially, I loved it. ... moreWatching Kelsey bumble her way through a character's life, and try to spice things up, made me giggle out loud. However the further the story progressed, and the deeper she sank into Mr. Darcy's world, the harder time I had not skimming pages. I love Pride & Prejudice, but I've read it. I wanted more Kelsey and less Elizabeth.The ending made up for it a bit, as happy endings often do. I'm just not sure how I feel about the last third of the book. If you're an Austen fan, you'll definitely get some enjoyment out of this book. If you've ever wondered what takes place "off screen", between the big scenes of the book, you'll see. Pick this up if you're looking for a lighter read with a happy ending.
review 2: Kelsey is a Literature major completely in love with Mr Darcy. After having her heart crushed, her best friend forces her to go to a party where she meets Mark. Mark is a big mass of muscle with chocolate eyes, reddish hair and an Australian accent. Kelsey can't seem to say or do anything right around Mark. Right away she insults him and then caves into herself. The next morning she finds him in her apartment and once again she makes herself look like a fool. After a disaster of a night of seeing Ashley (the cause of her break-up) draped all over Mark, Kelsey goes home and falls asleep reading Pride & Prejudice. The problem is she wakes up as Georgina Darcy. After several failed attempts and having to deal with the infamous Wickam, she finally figures out how to get out of the book. She continues to have run ins with Mark that lead to a complete disaster brought on by Kelsey's mouth. They go on a blind date with only ends with them screaming at each other and Kelsey goes running back to Pride & Prejudice. She just wants to be Elizabeth Bennett and fall madly in love with Mr Darcy but she ends up in other bodies each time. In her real world she finally gets the courage to confront Mark and lay her cards out which leads to several amazing dates. They becomes so enraptured with each other that he begins to invade her thoughts while she is in Pride & Prejudice. One night when she confesses to Mark about her Darcy world, things blow up and she goes running back to the book to finally end up as her favorite character. The problem is she can't get Mark out of her head. On the day of the infamous first proposal, she realizes something is wrong. Mark ends up being sucked into Darcy's body and they have no clue out to get themselves back into reality. Kelsey and Mark are funny to watch. In the beginning, any steps they made forward always ended tragically after something Kelsey would say. Her geekery is so funny! I related a lot to her character so watching some of the things she said and did were like watching myself. Kelsey's obsession with Pride & Prejudice was alarming. That is coming from a huge Darcy fan. It was pretty awesome to have a modern comparison to what he looked like. I always pictured him tall, dark, handsome and brooding. I love how everyone in this book as described. I had a perfect picture in my head of each character and they were lovely. This story was not one of those books where its a play by play of Pride & Prejudice. You could see the characteristics from the characters in Kelsey or Mark but as they grew and found love, you were able to see them alter into other characters. I recommend this book to all Austen lovers. You will not regret it! less
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I cant say how much I adored this book!! Definitely rereading this one!!♡♡♡
exactly as advertised~also, is this self-published? it definitely has that feel
The ending was a little abrupt, but I still liked it. Longer review to come.
Stupid time travel book.
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