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The Dog That Talked To God (2012)

by Jim Kraus(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1426742568 (ISBN13: 9781426742569)
Abingdon Press
review 1: You know how fudge looks like decadent goodness, and your first bite is heaven.... But then you eat another bite and suddenly it's cloyingly sweet and you wished you just stopped at that one perfect bite. This book is the verbal version of fudge. (The Notebook is the cinematic version. Ok to watch once, but any more than that gives you cavities.) The book is sweet, uplifting, etc, but you actively get a toothache by page 148 and by the end, you wish you would have stopped with the first bite.
review 2: Engaging premise. The grief endured by the main character developed sympathy and compassion in me. Easy to picture the various scenes. Great descriptions including "Winter robbed nearly everything of its color; only browns and grays remained in the muted sunl
... moreight, struggling to knife through a thick stratum of bleak clouds, the color of old oatmeal." (from page 122) Enjoyed the ending. Atlantic Beach sounds serene and quaint and I want to go there and ride a scooter. less
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Freebie Nook book - a decent heartwarming story though it could have been better written and edited
A nice story about healing, redemption and a good dog. i enjoyed this book from start to finish.
What a great book.. Parts make you sad, but overall a really cute & fun book!
Publishers Weekly said it best:"Judge a book by its cover...and be charmed
A light-hearted easy read. Nice book. Nothing heavy, just nice.
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