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You Wouldn't Want To Be A Salem Witch!: Bizarre Accusations Youd Rather Not Face (2009)

by Jim Pipe(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
0531208214 (ISBN13: 9780531208212)
Franklin Watts
review 1: We picked this one up to supplement the brief description of the Salem witch trials in our history spine. These books are always a little gory but this particular book was really disturbing. As any book about the witch trials should be. I loved that it gave us several different points of view as well as historical references and other times in history witch trials took place. I think this is one of the the best you wouldn't want to be books we have read.
review 2: This book has a lot of historical information about the Salem Witch Trials. The main text is directed to the reader, and asks the reader to put themselves into the position of one of the children in the town of Salem. The supporting text and little fact boxes provide much additional commentary o
... moren the trials and general life in Salem. The cartoonish characters are almost a bit frightening and some of the illustrations and facts are quite graphic, therefore teachers and librarians should be careful about using the book as a resource for children who are too young to grasp all of the concepts. less
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Kids love these books but not me so much. The books are typically too busy and complicated to read.
Another good book in the You Wouldn't Want to Be a... series.
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