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You Wouldn't Want To Be An Aristocrat In The French Revolution!: A Horrible Time In Paris You'd Rather Avoid (2007)

by Jim Pipe(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 5
0531187454 (ISBN13: 9780531187456)
Children's Press(CT)
review 1: Grace Elliot was a real person. A Scotswoman, she was one of the most famous courtesans in pre-Revolutionary France, so it is through her eyes that we see the lead up to the French Revolution, the Revolution itself and the aftermath. Like all books from this series, there is a focus on the gross and disgusting facts, like the fact that the French rarely bathed and used perfume to cover up the smell and powdered their hair to soak up the grease. There are also illustrations to accompany the text.Aimed at the lower reader, this is a great resource for younger students studying the French Revolution.
review 2: Surprisingly, I think this is a rather weak addition to the series. The 'gore factor', if you want to call it that, is not over-the-top nor is it unexpec
... moreted given the subject matter of this volume, but the trademark humour this series thrives on as well as the "Good Tip"s that are intrinsic to the appeal were certainly lacking here. There is the odd humourous statement, but overall this volume is below par. less
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These books are so gross, but funny.
I like the humor in history it gives
Nice illustration.
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