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Every Time I Think Of You (2011)

by Jim Provenzano(Favorite Author)
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review 1: It truly is a great wonder to find beauty by accident. Serendipities are surely sweet, aren't they? I found this book by accident. I was stumbling to and fro the pages of Goodreads on the hunt for a great contemporary read (to which I also found Megan Boyle's Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee, another serendipity) and my mouth slacked open the moment I saw this book's cover. It was halcyon, and it snared me like a moth to its ring of fire. I didn't even mind reading the plot; shamefully, I was one of the few who judges books by its covers. Let's pounce onto the book review before I insert even more dramatic bullshit and whatnots. When I was in the first few chapters of this book, I'd say that it was a New Adult rewrite of Saenz's Aristotle... more and Dante Discover The Secrets of Universe, with heavily detailed gay sex scenes and metaphorical repronouncing of emotions. YES! You've read that right! Tons and tons of spunkload of gay sex! Well, I would be lying if I tell you that I didn't get quite... [searching for the right term] ... uneasy! Yeah, I felt quite uneasy reading these scenes (I guess I lacked the imagination). But if anything, it added more depth to this story. These sex scenes felt like it all were inevitable to make the story going, especially their relationship was lust-driven.As the story progressed, I thought it would seem unfair to the author if I would still call his book a complete rewrite. This book has a complete story in itself, and it's one that is very heart-tugging. Though the romance part of the book escalated very quickly, nonetheless, this book is very amazing. Provenzado writes in a unique manner of describing his world in a highly accented, and forebodingly beautiful words. His wordplay actually left me with my mouth wide agape in a dazing moment of admiration.Nice read. This book truly is a vixen in its own way.
review 2: A truly heart-warming story about the lives of two protagonists whom you could relate to (at least for me) in terms of what they feel/how they react to situations and the twist and turn of events. And of course, their undying love for each other throughout the story. What is especially nice about this book is that there are no major role characters who you'd end up hating - a big plus!At some points in first few chapters, I couldn't hold back a grin or a smile as I read. As the story progresses though, I had to put the book down for a bit from the emotion that overwhelmed me when an unfortunate tragedy strikes upon one of our characters. Before I knew it, I got sucked into the story and couldn't stop until I reached the very last page.IT WAS THAT GOOD! A solid 5 stars from me. less
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This was sweet, awkward at times, and very much a first love/coming of age story.
I loved this book! Sweet and tugging at all the emothions. I read it twice.
This was really good.Full review to follow...
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