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Not In Love With Kale Eddison (2000)

by Joanne McClean(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 3
Kale Eddison
review 1: This book sucks, I am sorry McClean, but it does. It is badly written (it hurt my head to try to read it, I was slowed down by unnecessary commentary and also everything was explained, everything was simplified and it seemed stupid. Also, who's point of view it was? because it seemed like it was Izzie's but then Kale and Izzie's grandma and Maddie would express their thoughts and bothers in the book and I was confused again.But it wasn't written in a 'God sees and hears and knows everything therefore he tells this story from all points of view at the same time' it was a kindergarten-attempt at writing. It was terrible and I don't recommend it to anyone. Sorry, it was very bad.
review 2: I love the book and recommend reading it. I read this in one sitting as a w
... moreay to figure out what book to read next. I have three books I really want to read that came out today so instead of picking one I chose this book and I am so glad I did. I was a good read and the rating on goodreads is not fair. The book was not perfect but what book is. I love Izzie and her sarcasm and her inability to see something that was so obvious to everyone else. Kale Kale oh I love me some Kale. He although was to perfect; I just wish there would have been more banter between them a bit more spark. I felt it was mostly Izzie bring Kale to check but the rare time when he brought her in check were refreshing. I just wish there were more of them. I saw the love between them but I wanted more kisses like in the car after the rain. less
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Loved this book:) lovely light hearted and easy read!
I wrote it! :)
Loved Kale(:
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