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Can't Live Without (2012)

by Joanne Phillips(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Mmmm, I did kinda enjoy this book but wouldn't say I 'liked' it hence the two star rating. It managed to entertain me for an hour or so but I didn't find it particularly ground breaking or memorable.The one thing that stuck out in my mind was the teenage daughter Lipsy and how much I wanted to smack her in the beginning of the book - I'm glad that the author showed her emotional growth as well as her mothers. I also thought the use of using other peoples viewpoints was used to good effect (though I could have done without the teenage drama section).I guess overall this can be described as very typical chick-lit fair, but I do think there are more interesting stories out there that fit into that category.
review 2: This was an exceptionally fun read. The main ch
... morearacter, Stella, is totally incapable of managing her own life or keeping her daughter in line, and watching her fumble her way from one situation to the next was extremely entertaining. But while I would usually find myself irritated with such a character (who on Earth doesn’t buy home insurance and then accidentally burns their house down?), Stella is so quirky and full of life that I found myself cheering for her from start to finish.I wasn’t a huge fan of the romance — I guess I had trouble connecting with either of the gentlemen involved in Stella’s love triangle — but I really enjoyed her interactions with her daughter. Stella is a terrible mother who tries really hard to understand her daughter, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in her life. It was quite endearing.One thing I found very odd about this book was the point of view. It’s mainly in first person from Stella’s POV, but at random times it switches to a third person POV from other characters’ perspectives. I did get used to it after a while, but I still found the POV jumps a little jarring.In conclusion, I found this to be a great self-published novel with excellent editing, a moving storyline, an amusing protagonist, and lots of fun family drama. Highly recommend! less
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This was just a "Mind Candy" story, but enjoyable anyway. It is a part of my Kindle library.
Found myself out loud laughing one minute and crying the next x
A fair read. Quite enjoyed the characters, especially Lipsy
Kept me hooked............obvious, but good ending.
Loved it. Well worth money spent
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