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The Temporary Detective (2012)

by Joanne Sydney Lessner(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 3
Dulcet Press
Isobel Spice
review 1: I had a hard time suspending disbelief at all the perverted people in a single small department of a large bank. Although Isobel fumbles around on her first job assignment, she manages to figure out all the secrets her coworkers are hiding. I liked the story line about James as a recovering alcoholic. I admired his efforts to stay sober--I didn't admire his attraction to Isobel when he was in a relationship (at least a sexual relationship) with another woman. The bed-hopping didn't add anything to the story, and made the characters less sympathetic to me.
review 2: This was probably closer to a 3.5 for me. There wasn't anything I didn't like, but it didn't cross into 'favorite book' territory. I like the New York setting and the various characters aspiring to b
... moree actors. Although it would have been nice to see more romance with James and Izabelle, I appreciate that the author is taking things slow for the sake of building the series. It's also nice to see a hero with a real-world problem (recovering alcoholic). less
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A nice light read. Well written but not quite as deep as I usually read. Enjoyed it though.
it was a typical who done it mystery.
Good idea, poorly written.
An interesting quick read
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