Wobblyogi Wednesday – Summer Book Club!

May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing my Mind by Cyndi Lee

Take this book to the beach with you as you relax in the sun and bask in your own happiness. Read a few pages, pause, close your eyes and reflect.  Cyndi Lee talks about body image issues, mom issues, spouse issues, teaching issues and almost everything in between. Some I related to and other I did not. Eitherway the book offers a good focus for conversation about how we each invite yoga principles into our lives.

Here is my favorite passage:

I’ve learned to listen to feelings in my body, as another form of meditation practice. Often when I’m walking home form the studio, I’ll realize that I have a butterfly in my stomuch or I’m gripping the strap of my yoga bag too hard. I practice being curious about it. It’s fun. I investigate by asking myself, “Okay, what’s bothering me?” The answer is usually right there on the surface and then I can puzzle it through, either coming to a resolution or at least gaining enough awareness of the issue to be able to table it for now and bookmark it for later. The body knows, the mind clarifies, and when I can get them to hold hands with my breath, things usually work out all right.

I wonder what questions the book sparks for you. Share your comments here or come join us (whether you read the book or not) for discussion, an asana practice, snacks and more August 12th 2:00 pm-5:00 pm at Community Yoga, West Lafayette, Indiana

Sign up online at https://communityyogalafayette.com/workshopsevents/

May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy,

the Wobblyogi



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