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Klondike House: Memories Of An Irish Country Childhood (2013)

by John Dwyer(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 2
Smashwords Edition
review 1: This story takes place in Ireland, then you ask why Klondike House? It seems when family grew up and decided to move to the klondike gold fields, they sent money home to family to help pay the rent and other bills to keep the family afloat. So they named their home Klondike House.I enjoyed reading about one families trials and tribulations back during the Irish potato famine. Living in Wv myself and being poor I can relate to this story. We might have been poor but we always had a meal on the table, even if it was fatback bacon gravy and home made biscuits. I have always thought about writing my life story and have started it many times then laid it aside. If you like Ireland and the Klondike you will like this book.
review 2: An absolutely wonderful read. I
... moret's a short, sweet trip down memory lane into a country, a people and a life I don't know, interspersed with history, culture and religion. I read it on a glorious windy day here in Madras, India, and don't think the morning could have been spent any better.Take my word, get up one Sunday morning, make some coffee, sit and read all of it. You'll not be disappointed.The best parts of the novella are the old Irish poems that decorate the narrative like the lights on the Christmas tree John describes in the book, and the Irish-American historical narrative right at the very end, giving the story context and completion.Lovely stuff. less
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Very easy read. Okay for getting me psyched up for a trip to Ireland in 2 months.
Very enjoyable short non fiction account of growing up on a farm in Ireland.
This is a heart warming book that takes place in a Ireland homeland.
Interesting view of young boy's life growing up in Ireland.
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