How to be happy

I really admire Austin Kleon’s writing, from his books to his blog articles. And one of the things that inspired me recently is his notes to himself. Yeah, I got that preview photo idea from his blog post. A little bit low key, and lame, but I’ll do better next time.

So yep, here’s some notes to myself to start the new year.

  • Leave your worries behind (or lock them in a bow then throw them away. In simpler words, forget your fears or yeah, face your fears. Whatever.
  • Cuddle a cat (or a pillow). I’d love to cuddle a cat or kitty of my own (aren’t they sooooo cute??), but my mom doesn’t want to. One of the reasons why I can’t wait to have my own home.
  • Drink lots of water. I don’t have any idea if it links to any scientific studies, but it works. Try exactly cold water and ahhhh~
  • Clean and re-decorate your room. I don’t know about you, but this is my goal after celebrating the holidays – REDECORATING MY ROOOOOOOM! Plans will be shared here on my blog, in case you guys have some comments or better ideas.
  • Don’t depend on anyone (except your Mom for she cooks good food). Yep, love life and all.
  • Spoil yourself the right way. Give yourself a break, reward yourself, AFTER A HARD WORK.
  • Try photography (and follow me on Instagram @themhayonnaise). Or VSCO if ever you’re tired of IG.
  • Maligo ka naman (take a bath). Cold bath, ladies and gents, cold bath.
  • Make a list. As Austin said, “when you’re in doubt, tidy up.”
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