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Hard Day's Knight (2010)

by John G. Hartness(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
1453873252 (ISBN13: 9781453873250)
Black Knight Chronicles
review 1: Hard Day's Knight is a fun spin on the urban fantasy/vampire novel. It follows reluctant (but not mopey!) vampires Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood, partners in the Black Knight detective agency, as they stumble head-first into a serial kidnapping case in the Charlotte, NC area. They will have to contend with a hard-as-nails detective with an iron will, demonically-possessed children, fallen angels, zombies and the Tire King of Charlotte if they hope to solve the case, save the world and possibly get the girl. The book's skewed sense of humor and delight with poking fun at genre conventions make it a fun read and it culminates with an exciting final showdown that left me eager for the next installment.
review 2: If Goodreads allowed half stars, I would rate this
... more book with three and a half stars.It's a fun read about a pair of PI vampires -- James (prefers Jimmy) Black and Greg Knightwood -- who take what seems like a simple case of tracking down a kid dabbling in witchcraft and end up uncovering a demonic plot to take over the world. Along with their best friend Mike, a devout Catholic priest, they set out to foil the plot, recruiting a fallen angel, Adam's first wife, and a ball-busting police detective immune to vampiric charms along the way.There are too many pop culture references for my taste, and the words "whammy," "mojo," and "bro" are used far too often, but there are quite a few genuinely funny moments, and the characters have a lot of potential, so I will likely read the next installment of the series. less
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Totally loved it!!!! Kept me laughing to the end!! Can't wait to read the next one!!
This made me laugh when I needed it, very enjoyable.
Okay book. A little slow compared to others.
Good times.
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