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The End Of The World Club (2010)

by Jon Voelkel(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
160684072X (ISBN13: 9781606840726)
Jaguar Stones
review 1: Max Murphy is having nightmares that he is being chased by12 ancient Mayan gods of death because he is indebted to them for having saved his archeologist parents from Xibalba. His parents are in denial that this happened. He has a week to return the yellow Jaguar stone to the Mayan gods or face death along with his family. Pretty far fetched and there are errors in the text. At one point the father says he will buy a dehumidifier (p.38). A few pages later the word humidifier is mentioned twice(p 45).
review 2: SUMMARY:In The End of the World Club we start off in the home of Max Murphy. He is dreading the day with the ancient Maya Lords of Death come to redeem the favor he owes them. Except he's having trouble convincing his parents that the Lords of Death
... more are actually coming. After all the years they tried to get him interested in ancient Mayan civilizations, now is the time when they think he's lost his mind. The Death Lords send their messenger and he lets Max know that he's to find the long-lost Yellow Jaguar Stone and return it to Xibalba (the Mayan underworld) in just six days. With Lola, Lord 6-Dog, and Lady Coco in tow, Max heads to Spain in search of the Yellow Jaguar Stone. At every turn in their journey something pops up in their way, causing them to have to backtrack and mingle with some crazy foes in order to get the stone and to Xibalba before his six days are up!REVIEW:I wasn't as impressed with The End of the World Club as I was with the first book, Middleworld, mostly because it took us out of the interesting and beautiful Mayan culture and plopped us in Spain. After so much growth in the first book, Max seems to be falling into the same old patterns. He is whiny and Lola has to tell him several times to man up! Lola is the saving grace in these books for me, because without her we'd just be following Max around while he whined about not knowing what to do next. Lord 6-Dog and Lady Coco, though absent for a portion of the book are still quite the characters. They are funny and Lord 6-Dog is having extremely difficulty getting used to being stuck in the body of a howler monkey.What you can expect when beginning this book is a lot of history; however, it's presented on a child's level, and the facts are given throughout sporadically to not overload young minds. Along with the history is the action and adventure, because Max and Lola find themselves in some tight spots and have to think quick to get out of them. Something that bothers me about these books is the length. When I think we're getting close to the end, it seems to keep going and going. It comes in at almost 400 pages, and I think a lot of this could be shaved off to keep kids interested for longer periods of time. There were many times that I had to just put it down because it was taking too long to get to a certain point in the tale.Overall, it's a fun and comical read. These books would be good to use when looking at other cultures in the English classroom as well. less
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It was awesome! I thought that it was cute!
I hope my library gets this soon.
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