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Inherit The Dead (2013)

by Jonathan Santlofer(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 1
1451684754 (ISBN13: 9781451684759)
review 1: Perry Christo has tried to carve out a life for himself after a disgraceful exit from the NYPD. Surviving as a PI, Christo is called to a socialite's apartment for his next assignment; to find her missing daughter. After discovering young Angelina 'Angel' Loki has been missing for upwards of two weeks, Christo must begin that much further behind when it comes to his investigation. As he follows leads and tries to interview those who knew Angel well, he discovers that there are many who have a means to have taken her, each with their own motive. Christo also struggles with his single-dad life and trying to keep a relationship with his teenage daughter, which only adds to the struggle. While someone has been stalking Christo, potentially in search of Angel as well, the story... more flits from the heart of New York to the posh suburbs of the Hamptons, taking the reader on an adventure not soon to be forgotten. An explosive and somewhat hairpin turn ending (but so in line with this type of compilation), leaves the reader catching their breathe as the last chapter comes to a close.I have always enjoyed these compilation novels, where well-known authors take time of their busy lives to add yet another layer to an evolving story. While I have read but a few of the authors in the compilation, and heard of only a few more on top of that, all contributors helped weave together a wonderfully dark novel. Never one to study writing nuances, I was not easily able to discern the writing styles, but could see that each author chose their respective niche to add to the larger plot. The reader should not expect a stellar story, nor a thoroughly riveting dialogue or concrete-strong character development, but they can, and should, expect the story's progression as it takes sharp turns from chapter to chapter, coming to a crashing conclusion just in time for the reader's heart to resume beating.Kudos to all those who took the time to add their own personal flavour to this collection. Its successes show that even the busiest author can spare some time for a good cause.
review 2: These 'chain' books, where different authors write each chapter, can be a bit 'hit' or 'miss'. I'm pleased to say this is a 'hit'. The subtleties in writing style didn't detract from the flow of the story, which seemed coherent and pacy, without the impression you sometimes get that each author wants to grab more than their fair share of the limelight. Really got to like the main character, a private investigator called Perry. Hope someone will give him his own series! less
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Not as thrilling as the description stated. There were parts that just dragged on.
Interesting concept , poor execution .
Good book. Great authors
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