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This Is Where I Leave You (2009)

by Jonathan Tropper(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 6
052595127X (ISBN13: 9780525951278)
review 1: I enjoyed this hook. The narrative voice is that of a man in e midst of a traumatic split from his wife when his father dies and he comes home to the house he grew up in to sit shiva with his three siblings and their significant others and kids. It's an honest male voice so yes, as I see other reviewers have commented, it is sometimes " innapropriately" focused on the sexual aspects of every woman in the vicinity but I don't know if I see this as misogynistic as much as human and believably flawed. All the characters are believably flawed and actually that's kind of the point of the book. A bunch of siblings, at or near midlife, dealing with the limitations that have settled around their life trajectories, often in ways that are very self absorbed, but with flashes of lo... moreve and kindness despite all that. It's also a very funny book. Not too heavy and sweet at the end.
review 2: This book about family dynamics is wonderful. It is at times borderline outrageous in some of the conflicts that occur, but the writing is so well done and the relationships of the characters so realistic that you find it all plausible. While I wouldn't put it as high on the pedastal as Richard Russo's "Straight Man", it reminded me a lot of that book and I enjoyed it for many of the same reasons-wit, sarchasm, tenderness, flawed relationships, laugh out loud moments, and moments of real sadness. I love the lack of finality in where the characters will end up, but you know from the tone that they are going to be ok, and you are glad because you have found a reason to like them all. less
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I have a hard time reading humor but other people loved it. I would like to see the movie, though.
Dark. Funny. Good enough that I'll get One More Thing Beore I Go.
Makes sitting shiva funny.
Better than I expected.
Really really funny.
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